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The beginning

B5SC Genesis NFT Collection

The B5SC Genesis collection contains 11,111 savanna residents where the token itself doubles as your membership to a club that primary focus is to build the next generation businesses. 


NFT Tokens


Eth per token

Welcome to the BIG FIVE Savanna club

A NFT Project that builds Businesses

BIG FIVE SAVANNA CLUB Genesis NFT contains 11,111 programmatically, randomly generated savanna residents, living in the wild steppes of the Ethereum blockchain. As a member of the B5SC you will get exclusive benefits inside a whole new ecosystem that will include several brands, mind blowing NFT collaborations and will give you access to a whole new digital world of benefits. 

About collection

A wild collection of NFT Collectibles

The B5SC NFT collection was build to have more flexibility for future development. We’ve created a way to have different characters and mix them with a pool of traits to build a deeper rarity within the collection. 

Each Savanna Resident is unique and programmatically generated from 5 base characters like a Rhino, a Cheetah, an Elephant, a Rhino, and a Lion. Each character was paired with up to 110+ possible traits per character, including headwear, clothing, expression and more. 

All Savanna Residents are amazing, but some are rarer than others. Since the Savanna is not evenly populated there are not the same number of characters within the collection. Based on the real-world population some characters are highly rare and not seen often in the ERC-721 steppes of the Ethereum Savanna.

Purchasing a savanna resident costs 0.3 ETH for everyone. Thera are no bonding curves in the BIG FIVE Savanna Club. 

collection rarity

How Wild is my Savanna Resident?

Certain savanna residents are more wilder than others. A resident’s rarity ranges from wild to rare. These categories are determined from which character and paired with which traits your savanna resident is made up of. Lions are the most rare characters in the whole savanna club and for example to own a lion with golden teeth and a totem necklace and waring as sponsored MV Hoodie is super rare. The Minting will be done randomly and we can’t say how rare your NFT will be. As soon as all Genesis NFTs are sold we will reveal the final NFTs for every owner. 




Base characters

Join the BIG FIVE Savanna Club and become a Genesis Member

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About the membership

Why do you need to buy a Genesis NFT?

The Launch of the B5SC Genesis Collection will be the initial start of our journey through the business savanna of the blockchain. As a Genesis NFT Holder you will benefit from all the future extensions of the ecosystem that will be build around the B5SC in the upcoming development phases. In addition to that Genesis NFT holders will enjoy lifetime benefits from all the brands, events and partnerships that will be connected with the BIG FIVE Ecosystem, what will increase the value of the NFTs. 

Holder Utility

Benefit from the full potential of NFTs

The B5SC NFTs are way more than just great digital artwork. We see a huge potential in NFTs for the future from which every Genesis NFT Holder will benefit. 

Your Genesis NFT represents always one vote at future voting events about investments in new businesses that are connected to B5SC.

Every Genesis NFT Holder will enjoy exclusive benefits at all the brands and businesses that are connected to our community. We will expand the number of business over time.

Genesis NFT Holders a qualified to become a private shareholder on our startups based on a whole new share structure with NFTs.

You'll own the full commercial rights of your NFT. You can use your savanna resident as your avatar or build a business around your character.

Genesis NFT holders will benefit from future Airdrop Events that will happen within the future Ecosystem that builds a whole new NFT Culture.

Minting roadmap

Join the Minting Safari and Benefit from the Beginning

10% Sold
We release 5 of the captured Savanna Residents (tokens held back from the sale) that we airdrop to random Savanna Club Members that already joined the club.
20% Sold
The members only B5SC Merch Store gets unlocked and will be accessible for all NFT Holders. Members can get limited Edition Hoodies, tees, and some dope accessories. 20% of the profits will go back to the B5SC Funds.
40 % Sold
We will announce the first 3 minting award winners that will be randomly chosen from all all Genesis NFT Holders at that time. Award #1: 2 ETH Award #2: 4 ETH Award #2: 5 ETH
60 % Sold
We will announce the fourth winner of the minting safari that will get 4 ETH as a reward transferred to the owner wallet. Also this winner will be chosen randomly from all Genesis NFT Holders at that time.
80% Sold
We will announce the randomly chosen Grand Price Winning Item that will get 10 ETH transferred to the NFT owner wallet. Also we will announce the first incubator project and the launch roadmap. 5% of the sale profits will go back to the B5SC Funds. 55 ETH will given to a charity project that the community votes for.
100% Sold - BIG SURPRISE
We will announce a hidden secret from which all Genesis NFT holders will benefit. This will blow your mind but we will not tell it right now. The only thing we can say is "FREE NFTs"...


Still have questions?

Here are the answers to the most common questions. If you have any more question join our discord and we’re open to answer any of your questions about the B5SC NFTs.

The private partner minting will start at end of July 2022 at where 3,500 selected members from our partner communities will be able to mint. Followed by the official whitelist with 4,500 minters, and the official public sale with all the remaining tokens. The Whitelist and Public Mint dates will be released on discord and social media. 

There are no bonding curves at the B5SC. Every Geneis NFT will cost 0.3 ETH + Gas Fee for everyone. 

You will be able to mint a Savanna Resident NFT on our website where you will also have the option to mint with your credit card. The official Public Mint Date will be announced on our Discord and Social Media, if you miss out on that they will be available for purchase on Opensea.

First of all 20% of the sales profits will go back to the community fund to build the investment capital for the first startup funding round happening in Phase #2. 5% will given to charity. And the rest will be used for all the development work of the ecosystem technology, marketing as well as to pay the team members that we are hiring through the expansion. 

The B5SC was born through an idea in the leadership team of the BIG FIVE Group, a modern day technology and consumer brand building company. The future goal is to build a whole ecosystem around the NFT community of the B5SC and to create the next generation brands that all exist for a different purpose. 

The charity fund will be managed by the BIG FIVE Foundation and the community can vote which charity project they want to support. All projects will be reviewed before they will be shared by the experts from the BIG FIVE Foundation. 

If you are using a mobile phone to mint our lovely Savanna Residents, you need to use the Metamask application built-in browser to mint our NFTs. Therefore, please launch the Metamask application, click the 3 lines on the top left menu in the application and select “Browser”. It will open a web browser and you will be able to navigate back to to do the minting.

ERC-721 token on the Ethereum Blockchain. Files are hosted on IPFS.

The B5SC Genesis NFT collection contains 5 Base characters that are inspired by the real worlds “Big Five” Animals living in Africa. Each character is randomly paired with up to 110 traits. In Total the collection has over 580 traits. The percentage of the character is based on the real world population of the animals, where you will find some more often than others. 

You can open our Discord to check it – Discord

The Fund will be used for financing business ideas that join the B5SC incubator. The funds will then be used for product development and marketing as well as to hire specific experts to join the team. 

If you join our Discord you can create a support ticket in the support channel. A NFT expert from our team will answer your question and provide you the material you need to get prepared. 

Yes, 555 tokens will be held from the sale for the team, marketing and givaways.

The B5SC Club Lodge is a web based members only dashboard where NFT holders will get access to the exclusive benefits. Benefits like hidden brand drops, NFT Airdrop Events from partners, Investment Opportunities, Content Creator Networking Events or Music Artist Collaboration from the BIG FIVE Records. It will be accessible be reaching a roadmap goal from our minting roadmap.

There are many ways to prevent yourself from getting scammed, like: 1. Don’t click on any random links. 2. Don’t download any files dm’d to you. 3. Don’t share your secret recovery phrase with anyone (you only have to type it once on a new device, and never again unless YOU sign out). 4. Keep an eye on #report-scams for any new scams! Take your account security seriously, as there is no way for us to retrieve stolen items.

Join our Wild Community Today

Be a part of our future NFT community that has a primary focus to build the next generation businesses from which every member will benefit in many ways.