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Opning in Phase 3

Building the Businesses of Tomorrow

The B5SC Incubator will be a decentralized business building incubator that allows next generation start up to partner with a strong community in the Web 3.0 space.


Genesis Members


Start ups per year

Base concept

We see a huge potential in the future of the NFT space where NFTs will be way more than just digital art and we have a pool of business ideas that can be build based on NFTs. To expand our ecosystem over time we want to create a open space for next generation entrepreneurs that bring new innovations to the ecosystem based on the support of B5SC community. The initial goal is to build a system where everyone can benefit from these future innovations. 

Main advantages

Building a business decentralized incubator will bring a whole new way how business can launch and grow in the future. 


Easy and fair funding

Based on the B5SC Start up fund we will introduce a whole new way how start ups can apply for fundings based on a blockchain voting system.


Private Shareholders

Start ups can drop Shares as an NFT on the BIG FIVE Exchange to collect more funds and build an own community of supporting investors. 


Knowledge Share

We believe that connecting the right people will help start ups to solve issues way faster. That’s why we build a community driven incubator where sharing is caring. 


Powerful Launches

The best idea is nothing without the needed attention. Launching a new business with a strong community from the beginning will make a huge difference. 


Crypto Culture

Our goal is to implement a crypto culture in the next generation consumer brands and businesses by sharing our technology solutions with every start up that joins our ecosystem. 


NFT Culture

The fundamental of all the business that will be supported by the B5SC incubator will bring new NFTs into our ecosystem and connect them with the B5SC Geneis NFTs, which will increase the value. 

Business models

As the BIG FIVE Group is focused to build next generation consumer brand experiences, the business models that will be primary launched in our ecosystem should fit into that target. B5SC members can expect to see a growing network of brands that follow our principles of quality, sustainability and authenticity. Our vision is to build a consumer system based on different values and we want to build an open platform where entrepreneurs with the same understanding can join to grow this vision to new dimensions. The business models that are apply to join our ecosystem will be reviewed by our business experts to evaluate them before they will be presented to the community. 

Building Businesses

How we will build businesses in the B5SC Incubator

No matter if we will launch a new brand created from the BIG FIVE Group or one that was pitched by a community member we will follow our unique process of building these businesses that looks like following:

Idea Verification
Every great business starts with a great idea. But is the idea good enough to build a proper business? To verify the idea we will work close with the community to get a real feedback and improvement input. The experts from the BIG FIVE Agency will help to build a MVP (Minumum Valuable Product) and to manage a pre sale to proof the business idea. Community members will be a part of the product development of the new brand from the very beginning.
Community Voting
We will introduce the best new business ideas both from the BIG FIVE Group as well as from community member pitches to the community. Every NFT holder can vote for one idea that they want to be launched in the B5SC. The business with the most votes will win the game and will be able to join the incubator. The Business Analysts from the BIG FIVE Group will make a first validation of the business before it will be introduced to the community.
Community Funding
The business will share it's financial plan to the community and defines how much capital it needs to build the business. Next the community decides how much they want to invest from the start up fund, which is managed by the community.
Private Shareholders
The new startup has the opportunity to drop "Share NFTs" on the BIG FIVE Marketplace where Genesis NFT Holders will have early bird investment opportunities. This will enable the business to acquire more capital in exchange to business shares based on NFTs. Private Investors will benefit from the future profits of the business.
Launching the Business
Supported by the digital experts from the BIG FIVE Agency we will launch the new business at an community event. Therefore we will implement Web 3 Technologies into the business websites and online stores to enable exclusive benefits for every B5SC NFT holder. Next the marketing experts from the BIG FIVE Agency will manage a public marketing campaign to introduce the new business to the public.
Giving back
The new launched business commits to give back a 5% profit share to the B5SC. The money will go back to the startup fund to support future businesses. Next the journey will start from the beginning.
Still have questions?

You might have some more question about the B5SC Incubator. Here are the answers to the most common questions.

The B5SC Incubator will be work as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) where B5SC Community members will vote for start ups that they want to join the ecosystem. In return the community commits to support the startup to launch successfully. In return the startup commits to share a lifetime profit share of 5% with the B5SC community that will go back to the fund culture of the B5SC. 

In the beginning the primary supporter will be the BIG FIVE Group as well as the BIG FIVE Agency, which is the in house digital marketing agency of the Group. Our Branding, Design, Marketing and Development team will work together with the start up to build a strong technical fundamental as well as a proper marketing strategy for the launch. In the future there will be a open space where experts from the community as well as from partners can join the incubator and work together with our start ups. 

The community will benefit from the profit share of the startups that will go back to the start up pool as well as the genesis pool. The more profit a startup will generate the more the community will benefit from it. Genesis NFT Owners also will benefit from spacial actions and events presented by the start ups and brands. 

In Phase 2 after the Genesis NFT sale the first startup NFT shares will be available on OpenSea. As soon as the BIG FIVE Exchange is open we will move our entire share NFTs there and enable new features that can’t be replicated on any other NFT Marketplace at the moment. 

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