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Your Voice for the future

A community managed Fund to invest in the future




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About the Startup Fund

Be a decision maker for the future

All Genesis NFT Holders are qualified to make major decisions about the future expansion of the BIG FIVE Ecosystem. We will build a startup fund that is used to fund new businesses that join the incubator. NFT Holders can vote to decide which startup will be funded and gets the chance to launch in the BIG FIVE Ecosystem. The Startup fund will be filled with 50% from the BIG FIVE Launchpad Platform profits, generated from transaction fees and profit shares from the businesses that we supported. 

How the Start up fund works

Vote and participate in major decisions

Every 3 month there will be a voting event where we will present the best start up pitches to the community. Every holder can vote for one start up. The startup with the most community votes will get funded from the community pool.

Open Pitch Platform

The B5SC will provide a open pitch platform where both community members as well as external entrepreneurs can upload their business plan.

Voting Events

Genesis NFT Holders can vote for the Start up that they want to support. Every NFT represents one vote.

Start up Launch

The B5SC Incubator is represented by Experts from the BIG FIVE Agency and from a global partner network will support the build the new business, as well as from community members that want to join the working teams. Every startup commits to a 5% profit share that will go back to the Genesis Fund to support future businesses.

As a special gift the BIG FIVE Group commits to share 5% of it’s global profits to the B5SC Funds. Join our journey today and benefit.

Become a  Private Shareholder

Your extra benefits as a Genesis Member

Genesis NFT holders will have the exclusive opportunity to become private shareholders of the business that we will launch with the community. Based on a whole new NFT variation we will drop “Business Share NFTs” on the BIG FIVE Launchpad Platform. Where you can trade your cryptos and get Share NFTs. As a Shareholder you will get a profit share from the business you invested in. All the transactions will be managed on the Launchpad platform based on smart contracts. 

Knowledge base
Still have questions?

You might have some more question about the B5SC Fund Culture. Here are the answers to the most common questions.

In Phase #2 of the B5SC development we will open a Members only web application that will be accessible via NFT Authentication. Members can access the Pitch Information of the different Start ups and can vote for one as their favourite. The winner will be announce to the community on our official Discord channel. 

The funding amount depends on the business model of the startup. They need to estimate how much money they need to build the business. If the community fund can cover their needs a Start up is qualified for the Community Funding. 

In addition to the community funding start ups can sell shares as NFTs to collect even more capital in exchange to a share of the company. Like we know it from the traditional stock markets we will implement a NFT based stock system into the BIG FIVE Exchange that will be launched in Phase #2.

Every Startup that is launched at the B5SC Incubator will offer “Share NFTs” on our Launchpad Platform. You as a Genesis NFT Holder will have exclusive early bird access to new shares. A “Share NFT” represents your personal share on a real world company that rewards you with shareholder payouts. All based on smart contracts.