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Launch in Phase 4

A preeminent NFT Platform for the new Ecosystem


based nfts


Shares / startup

Manage your B5SC NFT Investments

A whole new way to invest in the Assest of the future

Investing in future-thinking businesses and brands will be easier than ever with the BIG FIVE Launchpad. Where you can use your crypto currencies to invest in new NFT based assets. Like the “Share NFTs” from the B5SC Startups that will give you an exclusive profit share of the future profits of the business as long as you are the holder of the share NFTs. By connecting your DeFi Wallet you will have the full control of all your assets that will never be stored on the platform itself. 

BIG FIVE Launchpad platform

Providing Tools for reliable and sustainable yields


Trade your ETH, MATIC, SOL and many more and get a whole new NFT variation, which utility is a unique share on a real world business that will be launched through the B5SC Incubator


Invest in unique “Business Share NFTs” and become a private shareholder of businesses and brands around the world all based on smart contracts.


Build your own groups of friends and people based on shared wallets and invest as a team in the assets of the the future. 

next generation stock market with NFTs

Invest in Start ups and manage shareholer NFTs

This will make the BIG FIVE Exchange a unique platform in the whole crypto space, because we will implement the first decentralized stock market system where Investors can buy NFT shares from businesses and start ups that are related to our ecosystem and benefit from their future growth.


NFT share per business


Based on NFTs and smart contracts

Genesis Holder Benefits

A unique opportunity for every Genesis NFT owner

The BIG FIVE Launchpad is planned to open in Phase 4 of the B5SC Roadmap. Every Genesis NFT Holder at that time will enjoy exclusive benefits from the new born NFT Platform that builds the fundamental of our new business ecosystem. 

Startup Fund

The B5SC Startup fund will be filled with 50% of the global profits that are generated with the transactions from the launchpad.

Early Bird NFT Stock Access

Genesis NFT Holders will get early bird access to NFT shares that are given to the marketby business supported by the B5SC incubator.

Launchpad Shareholder Program

B5SC Genesis Holders will get an exclusive opportunity to participate at the Exchange shareholder program and buy private shares of the exchange for an exclusive price.

Let’s start your next generation NFT investments now

Join the future of business building based on NFTs