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Introducing the BIG FIVE Ecosystem

The first decentralized ecosystem that uses NFTs to build a next generation shareholder culture around the brands and business innovations of tomorrow, that are build and supported by and with the BIG FIVE Community. 


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Interacting multichain


Open for innovations


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Using NFTs to build a new culture of entrepreneurs

Building a business in todays world isn’t that easy how many of us thinks. Even in the online world it takes more than just launching an online shop to build a successful business. We want to use NFTs to build a next generation launchpad for entrepreneurs. Brands and Businesses can drop “Share NFTs” on the BIG FIVE Exchange to raise capital for their growth. On the other side community members have the chance to become private shareholders of future-thinking business and will benefit from their future growth. Also, start ups can launch their business within the B5SC community to get instant feedback and the first customers. Our mission with the BIG FIVE Ecosystem is to build a win-win situation for everyone that joins our new entrepreneur culture. 

Launching in Phase 4

The fundamentals of the Ecosystem

Phase 4 of the B5SC Roadmap will be the most important because we will launch the technical fundamentals that will drive the entire ecosystem in the future. B5SC Members will have early bird access before the public launch. 

The Lauchpad

The BIG FIVE Launchpad Platform will be the primary platform where the exclusive Share NFTS of the brands and businesses that want to join the Ecosystem will be sold.

The Community

The essential part of the ecosystem is the B5SC community that we will expand in the future. We believe that we can build better business and products by listen to the voice of our community. 

The Incubator

The B5SC Incubator is primary supported by the BIG FIVE Agency where our proven online business experts will support our startups to launch successful. 

BIG FIVE Exchange

The heart of the Ecosystem

The BIG FIVE Launchpad will play the fundamental role of the ecosystem by managing all the transactions as well as the future expanding NFT culture.

Vision 2030

Build a Global Network of Brands

The primary purpose of the BIG FIVE Ecosystem is to build a global network of next generation hybrid brands that open the gates for NFT based innovations from which both the businesses and consumers / investors will benefit. 


Connected Brands


Global Consumers 

Genesis owner benefits

How the B5SC Community will benefit from the new Ecosystem

Early Bird Share NFT Drops

In Phase 2 we will announce the very first business share NFT that is related to the BIG FIVE Exchange. Genesis NFT Holders will be able to become private shareholder for the most attractive price to benefit from the future growth of the exchange. 

BIG FIVE Brand AirDrops

As the primary business of the BIG FIVE Group is to launch next generation consumer brands we commit to share 555 Share NFTs of every brand to the B5SC Community as a special benefit for our Genesis Community. 

Exclusive Networking Opportunities

We will invite business angels, mentors, marketers, suppliers, advisors and proven experts from around the world to our community to build an amazing networking platform within our community. 

Future Expanding Possibilites

As more brands will join the ecosystem the possibilites for Genesis NFT holders will expand. Because every brand that is connected to the ecosystem will share special benefits with the Genesis NFT holders. 


Creating a new Consumer World

Our vision is to expand our ecosystem globally to reach 1 Billion consumers around the world until 2040 that have access to more than 1 million next generation brands all connected through our blockchain driven ecosystem. Are you ready to join us on this journey? Become a Genesis NFT Owner and benefit from this huge vision. Here are some ambitious Goals we’ve set for ourselves: 

1 Billion

Consumers world wide

+1 Million

Connected businesses

Let’s build the future together