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Join the BIG FIVE Savanna Club as Community Manager

Your Job at the B5SC

Help us to Manage our Community

Managing a growing community is a job that can’t be done by a single person. That’s why we are searching for up to 5 community managers in the beginning to help us manage and grow the BIG FIVE Savanna Club Community. 

Are your ready?

Let’s See if you fit to the team

Please fill out the form below and let us know as much as possible to give us a better understand of who you are and what you can to for the BIG FIVE Savanna Club Community. 

Don't Forget to Join our Discord Server

If you’re not already a member of our Community feel free to join. 

Your benefits as a community manager

Here’s what you will get as a Team Member

We have some benefits for our community managers in place that will reward the work you will do for our community. 

*The pay out will be done as soon as the Genesis NFT collection is sold out.

Free NFT

Every Community Manager will get a Free B5SC Geneis NFT. 

Profit Share*

Every community manger will get 10 ETH as a reward for your work. 

Discord Role

To help manage our community you will get a special Role our our discord. 

Full Membership

As a owner of of one of our Genesis NFTs you will be a full member or our future expanding project.

Apply Now and join the team

We are looking forward to welcome you very soon to our team.