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Who we are

We’re building the brands of tomorrow based on the blockchain

The BIG FIVE Group is a actively operating and innovative business building company that builds the next generation of consumer brands by constantly changing the perspective. The B5SC represents the fundamental for a long term mission to change the game by tokenize businesses ideas for a new generation.

Why we
Why blockchain?

We at the BIG FIVE Group believe that blockchain technology is the future of the tech-decade here’s why:


The blockchain gives us the needed flexibility to build the hybrid brand experiences of tomorrow.


Transparency is the key for a future where authenticity will play a major role between brands and customers. 


Blockchain will give us the needed standard of security that we need to build better experiences between virtuality and reality. 

The Vision

Building a own decentralized Ecosystem

The modern day blockchain gives us an amazing fundamental to make our vision of a decentralized ecosystem, that will create a whole new and more fair consumer system, become reality. The B5SC is our first move into this direction and we have even bigger plans that we are working on each and every day. 


Ecosystem Users by 2030


To change the World

The BIG FIVE Group

Our world is in transformation and so are we

The world is currently transforming and a hybrid society is in the making. Our company’s vision is to bring innovations into this new world and creating a new dimension of interaction and consumer experience.

Some words from the founder

Hey you. Yes you. Come over here we need to talk...

Hi. I’m Yannic Vollmer. If we’re getting formal I’m the CEO of the BIG FIVE Group as well as the creator of the BIG FIVE Savanna Club and this is my tribe. My people. My ‘la familia’…

And I don’t know who in the world sent you. But they should be given an award, or on of these freaking crazy JPEG images called NFT 🙂 Just kidding…. Anyhow. Your arrival is long overdue, but now you are here at the right place to have a little chat. 

Let’s not beat around the bush. You’re on this website, reading this pretty little words because you’re hungry like a lion in the wild to find one of those next hyped NFT projects and to grab one of those as one of the first, and not to hear my life story…

But I think it might me interesting to know who is behind this project and most importantly what makes this project one to join. So, here’s the short version…. I started the BIG FIVE Group, which is my 5th business, right in the middle of a global pandemic that you might be familiar with, because I had that burning like hell intention to make a difference.

A difference in the whole startup industry. Why? Simply because I think we need to change the system to create a future that is worth living in. Look, the current times are shaped by change and we see the good old system that worked for the last decades will go broke sooner or later. 

I believe that decentralization is the key for the future. We need to flip the system and start doing the things we do a different way. That’s why I started the BIG FIVE Savanna Club NFT project, which is the very first step into the future by creating a extraordinary community and sharing the highest possible value with them. That’s what I believe will be the number #1 success indicator for businesses and brands in the future. So feel free to click around on this website and to learn about all the values that we put into the project that will grow in the future by connecting more and more of our business operations with the NFT and the community that supports it. 

The purpose of this NFT is to work with the community on long term, by which I mean the next decades. So don’t look at it as a short term Flip. Look at it as a long term asset that will grow it’s value from the continuous expansion of our ecosystem which is connected to the B5SC NFTs. 

Enough… what I really want to say is that I would love to welcome you as a part of community and to have a chat with you on our discord server, and…

Do you agree?

Every human will own a NFT in the future...

“We are in the very beginning of the NFT culture. There are billions of people that never get in touch with NFTs at all today. But in the future every human will a NFT in some kind of use case. “

Yannic Vollmer
Chairman & CEO | BIG FIVE Group
The Team

Meet our Team

Our company was founded in 2020. We work daily to become better and we are ready to share best practices.

Yannic Vollmer

Founder & CEO

Sandra Kraus

Co-Founder CMO

Erce Ünal

Co-Founder CFO


50+ Designer, Developers, and Brand Builders


Popular questions about the BIG FIVE Group

You may ask yourself what the BIG FIVE Group is and what we are doing. Here are the answers to the most common questions.

The BIG FIVE Group is a modern day company group that builds innovation for a new generation. We are guided by four principles: Customer satisfaction rather than competitor trump, passion for efficiency,  commitment to high quality, and long-term thinking. Our Group strives to be a next generation retail and tech innovation company that serves the consumers behaviour by following responsibility mindset for future generations. We want to create new consumer experience by creating solutions where others look the other way. We want to create quality products that authentically connect with customers by creating brands that have a message and whose products serve as a means of communicating that message. 

The primary business of the BIG FIVE Group ist to build new hybrid consumer brands based on a different value framework. Which is quality over quantity, authenticity and sustainability. The BIG FVIE Savanna Club will be the community that will be involved in the development of these new brands to benefit from their future success. 

NFTs play different roles in the brand ecosystem that is build by the BIG FIVE Group. Some of them are access management in the Web 3.0, a new way of entertainment as well as a new business share and investment system. But we will say way more possibilites in with the future development and growth of the NFT space. 

The BIG FIVE Group itself is focused on consumer brands that currently serving mass markets. Our primary goal is to give consumers a different product choice to the products that exist at the moment. The brands close the gap between low cost and luxury and will be driven by our core values. Partner Brands that will be join the ecosystem in the future need to fulfill the same values. 

The BIG FIVE Group was founded in 2020 named as BRANCONIC and changed it’s name in late 2021 to BIG FIVE Group at the fusion with the BIG FIVE Agency, which still exist as a single company in the group network. 

The BIG FIVE Group was founded by Yannic Vollmer a serial entrepreneur that builds digital businesses for over 15 years in different markets. He is also the initiator of the BIG FIVE Savanna Club. Together with his two business partners from the former BRANCONIC he manages the major business operations of the whole Group. 

Be part of the future

Join our Genesis NFT Community today and join us on a future journey to use the full potential of NFTs in a next generation consume system.