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B5SC #10605

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B5SC #6774

A NFT Collection with a Business DNA

Join 11,111 Savanna Residents on their way of building businesses. 

Notorious Cheetah

B5SC #11108

Notorious Cheetah

B5SC #77

Notorious Cheetah

B5SC #3

About the Genesis NFT

A NFT Collection for the Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow. 

The BIG FIVE Savanna Club is a collection of 11,111 unique NFTs stored as ERC-721 tokens on the wild savanna of the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. 

Our NFT project is not just an NFT collection, it’s a next generation launchpad for our holders to benefit from amazing business launches and to connect to the right people, to make your business idea the next success story. 

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Get Your Spot

Join our Minting Safari and become a Genesis Member of the B5SC

We are offering 4,500 exclusive whitelist spots where you can mint up to 3 Genesis NFTS for 0.5 ETH each. Join our discord server and secure your personal whitelist spot today. As a whitelisted member you’ll get a guarantee to mint one of our limited series #1 NFTs. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to become a genesis member of our wild community that will build the future consume system in the Web 3.0 space. 


Unique NFT Tokens

0.5 ETH

Sale Price per NFT Token

Holder Utility

What to expect from the B5SC Genesis NFT? 

A unique NFT

Get a unique NFT that will open new opportunities in the Web 3.0 space in the future. 

Characteristic Businesses

You’ll own the full commercial rights of your NFT. You can use your savanna resident as your avatar or build a business around your character and monetize your NFT.

AirDrop Events

Genesis NFT holders will benefit from future Airdrop Events that will happen within the future Ecosystem that builds a whole new NFT Culture.

VIP Ecosystem Status

Enjoy a unique VIP Status in the whole BIG FIVE Ecosystem and get access to exclusive brand deals as well as to future members only NFT investment opportunities. 

Vote for Start Ups

As a Genesis NFT Holder you can vote for new start up that you want to join our club from which the whole community will benefit.

Early Bird Access

Get early bird access to future  launches in the BIG FIVE ecosystem as well as to special events for the community. 

More Than Artwork

What you can to with the B5SC Genesis NFT

Most think about digital artwork and collectibles when it comes to the NFT Topic. But we see a way bigger potential on what we can do with our Tokens from which the whole community will benefit in the future. Our vision is to build a tokenized ecosystem to fund the next generation of business ideas.


Collect our unique Savanna Characters and benefit from value growth.

Shopping Experience

Enjoy future e-commerce shopping experiences by authenticating with your NFT at online stores connected to our ecosystem.


Invest in unique business ideas supported by the B5SC Incubator.

Build a Business

Build your own business supported by the community and funded by the B5SC Start up Fund.

Be a Shareholder

Become a shareholder of a new ecosystem based on NFT shares connected with your B5SC NFT.

Enjoy Exclusiveness

Get exclusive access to partner projects, Community Events as well as artist and creator drops.

Welcome to the Future

Discover the BIG FIVE Savanna Club

What starts with our Genesis NFT Collection will expand to a whole new Ecosystem driven by the community and a NFT culture.

Vote for a Startup and enable them to get capital.

Join new businesses as a private Investor based on NFTs and benefit from their success.

Be a shareholder of a next generation digital ecosystem that enables new brands to grow and builds the fundamental of a new consume system.

Learn more about the B5SC founders

The tokenization of businesses


How the B5SC will expand in the near future

We see more potential in NFTs than digital artwork. Here’s how we expand the Network and the possibilities around the B5SC Genesis NFT in the future.

Stage #1 - Pre Mint Launch

  • Community Building
  • Private Partner Minting Events
  • Startup Fund Opening
  • Discord OG Whitelist Opening
  • Pre Mint Giveaway Contest
Stage #2 - Mint

  • Official Whitelist Mint Event
  • Minting Safari Contest
  • 555+ ETH added to the Startup Fund
  • 55 ETH Donated to Charity based on Community Votings
  • B5SC Entrepreneur Contest Round #1
  • Hire new Dev Team Members
  • Marketing Safari Round #1
Stage #3 - The Savanna

  • Launch of the Launchpad Platform
  • Official B5SC Merchandise Store opening
  • Expanding our Experts Network
  • First Startup Announcements
  • First Startup Vote Event
  • First "Share NFT" Token Sale
  • Secret Announcement...
Stage #4 - The Wild Adventure Begins

  • Roadmap 2.0 Release
  • BIG FIVE Mate Club Minting & AirDrop (30+ New Savanna Characters will join the Club)
  • BIG FIVE Totem NFT Club Introduction & Launch
  • Launch of the First Businesses from the Incubator
  • First B5SC Entrepreneur Awards Event
  • First Community Brand Launches
  • Expansion of "Share NFTs" on the Launchpad
Stage #5 - Expansion

  • BIG FIVE Bird Club NFT Series Launch
  • Grow the Team
  • Marketing Push: Big Brand Partnerships
  • BIG FIVE Records Launch - The Music Revolution
  • Marketing Safari Round #3
  • And More...
Become a NFT Shareholder

An exclusive Business Club

The BIG FIVE Savanna Club exists to close the gap between new entrepreneurs and experienced business builders by providing real world utility to both. By owning a B5SC Genesis NFT, you get exclusive access to our future expanding entrepreneur network. A Network where you will find amazing entrepreneur-minded people that might be interested to join your start up team, members only investment opportunity in new business ideas based on NFTs. 

Join the #BIGFIVESavannaClub to be a part of our mission to build the businesses of tomorrow as a community.

Join The Club Today

Join our community today to stay updated about major updates and to get your personal Whitelist Spot to secure your Minting Guarantee.